I am honored to introduce a 10+ year old organization close to my heart:

The Aviation Family Fund

Their Mission?

To assist and support individuals who clearly desire sobriety, but are limited financially to get the help they truly deserve.

Their Goals?

We will never turn away any individual who meets the need for financial assistance – at any cost! Over and over again, many run into the financial “brick wall,” especially those individuals that have lost their job due to the disease of chemical dependency, or the lucky ones that keep their job but don’t have the coverage to get into a quality recovery program.

Our current economy is declining and the majority of the public is struggling to make ends meet.  With healthcare being on the forefront of our government issues, we keep seeing premiums increase, health coverage decrease and medical costs keep rising. 

AFF’s outreach goal will allow us to supplement the additional costs of recovery with the help of national donors and individual support.

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