Commonly Asked Questions

What does a
Life Coach

"A coach is an objective, caring person who partners with you to explore what will increase and sustain your well-being as you navigate through life. Together you will create your own unique recipe for success, leading to sustainable transformation."

-Kathy Harmon, MCC, CCM,CSM

Each coaching agreement is a unique relationship, however, you can expect it to be comparable to a professional counseling session and/or come with package deals. 

Is it Expensive?

Is it like Therapy?

A very common misconception. Therapy helps you to heal your past & experience revelations about who you are. Coaching takes you from who you are today, formulates a plan, and launches you forward in an objective, caring, and supportive way.

Is It For Me?

"What does a life coach do?

Is it Expensive?

Is it like Therapy?

Is it for Me?

"Who Coached You?"


Diane Ingram, MCC


Scott Moore, PCC, CSC, CAM

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Fun Fact!

Because we were trained under this ICF Accredited coach training program, all 3 of us are now considered

"SUN Coaches", among many other earned certifications!