No Excuses

Well Hello There! Let’s jump right in, shall we? 

I am a 30-something year old Corporate Flight Attendant based in California, USA. I come from an Aviation family and had some rough times growing up (didn’t we all?) so now I’m sober!

This life has led me to meet some truly inspirational people on my travels. Each one and every experience has transformed me into now professionally coaching others to discover who they truly want to be, rather than who (or what!) they’ve been told they should be.


I have a passion for authenticity, transparency, fitness and mental health. 

I believe self-improvement and happiness are lifetime investments; a daily, courageous act to seek one’s own truth and the ultimate greater good through higher consciousness. 

My goal as a Coach is to empower you do exactly this for yourself.

... and provide peace, companionship, and smiles along the way :)


" I do not belong to a movement,

I believe in the movement and am the movement.

I am not a donor, volunteer, or supporter.

I am a believer in the movement and

I like to share that belief with my friends"

- Anonymous Cause Activist