"Join me on my journey to becoming a Professional Life Coach!"


with Christina Brown 







"As a mentor and coach, Christina provides me honest feedback and strong motivation so that I can be the best dietitian for my clients.

I met Christina through (her Aviation Wellness Page) where we instantly bonded because of our mutual values and insights on the individuals we want to become. Throughout my relationship with Christina, she has been a great listener. I can always count on her for wisdom in my field and helping me to think about not only the person, but the whole being.

I have applied Christina's compassionate mindset to my private practice and have seen great things happen!"

Jill Mongene, RD, LDN

"It is extremely rare to find a person that is so filled with positivity, sunshine, and love for everyone around her.

Christina Brown has assisted me in my own coaching and leadership company for over 2 years, and the impact on my company has been transformational.

Christina makes such an incredible impact on this world, by uplifting and inspiring people through one-on-one conversations, by nurturing people in her care through important attention to detail and personalized touches, and brightening any room with her amazing smile and presence.

She has the courage to have difficult conversations, and can be counted on to provide exceptional feedback, ultimately helping to boost performance.

There is no one like Christina!"

Scott A. Moore, PCC, CAM

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"Christina is one of the most genuine and authentic people I know. Authenticity is literally everything to me when I look for a mentor, coach, or friend.

If you're looking for a coach who truly listens and is authentic in every way -

you just found her."

Nathan Winkle,

  Founder, Thoroughbred Aviation

"Becoming Coach Christina" VLOG